You’re Lazy. But aren’t we all a bit? – Cycles aren’t just for getting fit.

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You’re Lazy. But aren’t we all a bit? – Cycles aren’t just for getting fit.

A couple of years ago when I first started working pretty much by myself, I took the choice of going from a two-car household to one.

Since then, that’s what we’ve been. The main reason that I’ve kept this up was realising that most of us, me included, are fundamentally pretty lazy. That’s why we go for the car as our primary form of transport.

To get to the office, it’s about 2.5 miles away – options are.

  • 1.      8 minutes in the car – Then I need to find a parking space which is about £4.00 a day
  • 2.      30 minutes on the bus – I live in a very awkward place for public transport.
  • 3.      40 Minute walk – do-able but don’t fancy it really.
  • 4.      15 Minute Cycle – More than do-able and I like cycling. But…. with no shower in the building, it’s unfair to the people in the office to smell me all day and I live on the top of a massive hill so it’s a knackering climb home.

Realistically I’m not going to go anything but the car – it’s the quickest and easiest option. Not sweaty when arriving at work, not folded over and out of breath when I get home.

Now some of you will be screaming that I need to get fitter and will do by cycling!

But I cycle quite a bit anyway and I’m trying to get to work, not prep for an iron man.

How many of you have bought a bike for it only to sit in the garage rusting after the first few hill climbs out of the street?

So, I did what any sensible northerner would do when he saw the price of ebikes, and converted my own bike to pedal assist using one of the many legal kits out there.

And it’s been a game-changer.

When we see it as an alternative form of transport to the car and not a ‘cheats’ way of cycling they make more sense. Most of us want to get to work as easy as we can.

It takes me about the same time as driving, I cycle in my work clothes (jeans and shirt) and have genuinely not felt sweaty when I get there. Plus, the hill on the way home doesn’t bother me in the slightest! and when it’s a nice evening I take a longer scenic route home to have a think about the days challenging schemes.

If it rains too much then I change the mode of transport, I can’t see the point in getting wet.

The biggest problem that I have is that I’m not totally convinced that the local roads are best set up for cyclists, but in a world of rapidly changing environment and climate, we need to look at alternatives to the car.

We shouldn’t see cycles as just a way to get fit. If we can make the commute fun, easy and with the benefits of being outside in the fresh air we should encourage it. Especially us in the Highway Consultancy Sectors – whether private or public sector. Most of us like to take the easy option for transport, whether we admit it or not.

If you’re in wakefield and fancy a go on my bike (it’s a bit Heath Robinson) to see what you think, I can arrange a test drive! 😀

Just as a quick side note. A couple of weeks ago I was on holiday in the canaries and e-scooters and bikes were everywhere, I know the discussion is going on here about these at the minute and that’s a post for another day.