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Wakey to Wakefield.

Wakefields a special place for me – its where I am right now –  I’ve always lived in the Wakefield District and its great to see that Wakefield Council is pushing and welcoming change. Wakey often gets a bit left behind being in the shadow of Leeds but there are some great developments in progress…
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We need to change priority. Sorry Drivers (Wait, thats me too!)

As my last article – You’re Lazy – linked here, went into, we all know the benefits of getting out of our cars. Better health and wellbeing as well as the obvious benefit of improved air quality for all of us. You don’t need to be in Highway Consultancy to know that. Dft reckon that…
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You’re Lazy. But aren’t we all a bit? – Cycles aren’t just for getting fit.

A couple of years ago when I first started working pretty much by myself, I took the choice of going from a two-car household to one. Since then, that’s what we’ve been. The main reason that I’ve kept this up was realising that most of us, me included, are fundamentally pretty lazy. That’s why we…
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